FTW Merchandise

FTW Merchandise



 FTW stickers printed in Walpole N.H., they look great on any FTW frame or on your bumper (Cat not recommended). Set variations are either black or white as shown in the photo. We recently added two new variations to our sets, one is a “sunburst” scheme that is bright red and fades into orange and the other is a predominately black color which fades to white with a gray area in between. One set includes 2 bottom tube “FTW” stickers, 1 headset “fighting birds” sticker and 1 “made in Vermont” seat tube sticker. Price includes domestic US shipping. (Please specify color in the “note” section during payment)

FTW Sticker Set (Black)

FTW Sticker Set (Black)

FTW Sticker Set (White  with black outline)

FTW Sticker Set (White with black outline)

Derailleur hangers for FTW FB10 Downhill bikes, each one designed and   crafted by FTW himself here in Bellows Falls VT. Downhill season is here soMatts 001 make sure you’re ready.




Steel FTW “Fighting Birds” Head Tube badge. Yeah stickers are cool, but these will never scratch off or tear, plus they look freakin’ awesome. Available in both “solid” 1 piece logo or a separate 2 piece logo. We will custom fit badges to any head tube diameter at no charge. Matts work 416




FTW forks custom made for your needs, whether it be road, dirt jumper or a town bike. Fork shown in picture is custom made by FTW, not an actual “production” piece as every fork is custom, it’s there for eye candy.FTW fork FTW fork2



Yeti stem






Custom Steel FTW Stem:

Custom fabricated steel bicycle stems made by FTW. Stems can be made to fit any reach, rise and steer tube. Stem shown is from a “Totally random Yeti-era” that FTW re-created to be nostalgic or something. (Note: the words ‘random yeti era’ are FTWs’)

                                                                                      Matts work 417FTW Ridge Aluminum Hangers:

CNC machined aluminum hangers for the FTW Ridge hardtail mountain bike. Each one designed and carefully crafted by FTW himself here at the shop in Bellows Falls. Ready to ship out today. Even if you don’t have a Ridge you can rig it to your key chain and never lose them again.

Custom Seat Post:   Any frame isn’t quite complete without a proper seat post to support the rider. FTW makes custom seat posts from either steel or aluminum. Each one

Custom Aluminum Seat post and clamp.

Custom Aluminum Seat post and clamp.

Custom Aluminum seat clamp

Custom Aluminum seat clamp

is built to exact customer specification, or if the customer doesn’t know what they would like as far as dimension etc. Frank is able to “pick and choose” as it were, the best options for the customer.







700c Fork: Steel 700c Cantilever TIG welded segmented fork, fender eyelets, 383mm Crown to Axle measurement, hand made by FTW. One one made and in stock.

Pure VT Maple Syrup (16oz)

State Of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup

State Of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup

Vermont Grade A pure Maple Syrup made in Putney, VT, some of the best stuff on earth in my opinion. Single 16oz bottles available ready to ship.


700C Steel fork

700C Steel fork




FTW Custom Frame and Component Deposit and Payment options

If you’re getting a custom frame built here in our cozy but chaotic shop, down payments are a requirement and lucky for you we are understanding individuals who are willing to negotiate and plan out a solid payment option that fits our time and your budget because hey, everyone needs to ride bicycles, but we all have to eat first.

Please notice when filling out your payment option please include your information such as your Name (First and Last), E-Mail address, what you ordered ( Frame, parts, etc..), Phone Number, Shipping Address and please include how much your down payment is for, as to avoid confusion. Send an Email to frankthewelder@comcast.net and we will send you a payable invoice.





10 Responses to FTW Merchandise

  1. Patrick Doenni says:

    Hi Frank,

    I would like to order a FTW Stem for my ’87 Yeti FRO .
    Diameter: 1″
    Lenght: 130mm

    Wow long would the production take?


  2. Glen says:

    I like the looks of your frame. what would it cost? in general….

  3. jose lopez says:

    hi frank i have a question i have a syncros cattle prod ahead set stem and I lost the center bolt system and top cap could you make one

  4. jose lopez says:

    I also wanted to know if can make a 1993 replica yeti arc

  5. FrankWeld says:

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

  6. Brant says:

    Hi Frank

    Congratulations great video clip!

    We are in Australia and looking to source road & cross/gravel frames in 6061 alu
    Both with Enve fork

    Can you give us prices and maybe some pics, geo on frames you can build?

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