How much do you want to know? I couldn’t throw a ball very far or run very fast when I was a kid, but there was something about wheels I couldn’t resist. I loved to ride and figured that the only thing better was challenging friends and other like-minded individuals.

When it came to racing I wasn’t great and perhaps I was even too lazy to train properly, but I won plenty of races and had a good time. I like to watch bikes go fast and love the strategy of speed.

I have a good head for geometry by nature, but school didn’t work out for me for some unknown reason. I left early and studied the subjects that interested me.  Some were temporary and others not, but it always came back to machines and people in movement.

In 1972 I started using tools to change or make bicycle parts (among other things). I was fortunate because my dad was a machinist and we had a welding rig at the house. I learned to braze and weld while fixing my old Stingrays. I also welded other peoples bikes. The old man was a good craftsman and taught me a lot in the time we had.

I wanted to be a great welder. No kidding. Dennis Engles taught me to TIG weld. He actually taught me quite a bit about welding, different metals and being cool at work. I mowed his lawn quite a bit also.

Production work for Mongoose was great. I worked at C&L welding. We made the tooling and welded forks and stems for mongoose.  I can still rock the Mongoose stitch weld. I worked from four in the afternoon till two AM doing production welding and being a boss. In my free time I drove around with a motocross bike in the back of my blazer and slept on the beach. Good times.

I was there when Yeti started and MTB’s roamed the trails of my town and it looked like fun. It was fun and still is. I was there till ’92 and went through a weird period till I met up with the Spooky folks who made my day till 1999. I met Lanie and fell in love. I went with Sinister to Vermont and ended up owning and then selling the brand to Bruce and Skye.

Today, I make bikes for anyone who wants them. I use mostly alloy steel tubes or 7005 aluminum, but 6061 is my true love.  There are always options available for those with more eclectic tastes.  Check out my flickr site to see the latest.

Thanks for checking in. I really enjoy making bikes and it means a lot that riders love them too.-Frank The Welder

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  1. Jill Marie says:

    Glad to see you are still making bikes. You are the best! You inspired me in the past to ride smoother, and all these years later, I still hear your tips when I ride. Thanks Frank.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Frank,

    Can you get me some info for a WTF, I’m in the market.



  3. Derek Stevens says:

    Hey frank!!!! You wouldn’t be Interested in a steel dj frame project for me would ya? Shoot me an email Chianti849@aol.com

    Thank you! Hope all is well and to hear from you soon


  4. Tara says:

    Hello! Sorry if you get this a lot, but I was wondering if you teach bicycle fabrication workshops…?

    • FrankWeld says:

      Hi, I do get that question a lot and don’t mind answering.

      The main problem is I don’t do the same type of work from day to day and most of my tools are home-made or job-specific.

      I do often teach welding or whatever.

  5. felix says:

    I enjoy reading your philosophy on bike riding and esp.bike building.
    Keep fighting the good fight.

  6. Joel Wade says:

    Hi Frank,
    I’m local and looking to get a mod done. Would you do disc brake tabs on my ’97 Giant ATX990? What about the Marzocchi Bomber fork as well? Thanks for looking!
    Joel in NH

    • FrankWeld says:

      Hi, give me a call or swing by and I will take a look at the frame. No welding on the fork. No welding on suspension forks ever.

  7. Cameron Miller says:

    Hi Frank,

    I have a Sinister Ridge which needs a new hanger..
    Please help! Have you any idea where I can source one?

    Cameron in Glasgow

    • FrankWeld says:

      Hi, start by contacting Sinister bikes. I sent them a full set of drawings for all the service parts for the sinister bikes. If that doesn’t work, email me a photo and I will see what I have in stock.

  8. Russell Little says:

    Frank, I was refered to you by Ted Wojic. I’m looking to build my son his first full-suspension bike. I know the size of this project and really want to try. I have almost everything in place to start this project except the aluminum. I would like 6061 but cant find a place to get it. Can you suggest a place that will sell all parts of the frame in 6061? Now here is the catch, its going to be the size of a bmx bike. Butted tubes wont work because I would need to cut most of the butted end off for the right size. If you look at http://www.lilsherdder.com you will see the type of bike that I’m trying build. Is there any help you could give me in my search? I hope I’m not asking to much. Thanks Russell

    • FrankWeld says:

      Hi, The Lil Shredder bikes are custom made from 6061-T6. You will have to do the same thing. I can make the parts and supply the tubing and services you will need or you can buy the material from a local supplier.

      If you are trying to save money by doing it yourself, forget that. If you are doing it for the “exercise in engineering” I can help. My email is on the page header.

  9. Dave Curran says:

    Frank, I have a little problem. I have a 1984 harley shovelhead with 2 craks in the frame. I was wondering if this is something you would want to take on. Thanks for your time. I also ride a rigid ss, that could use a little tlc [ welding] also

  10. Dave Curran says:


  11. Keith says:

    Hey Frank, I was curious if you would possibly do Joe Fridsy in a 650B for me? Also what would be the cost in both aluminum and steel?


    • FrankWeld says:

      Hi, sure I could. I built myself an aluminum 650 B frame a couple of months ago. Shoot me an email at the shop and let us know some details.

  12. Hey Frank, give me a ring if ya have a sec. Was hoping I could stop by and say hi.

  13. Nathan Tubbs says:

    I love the dh frame! Ever consider pivoting around the bb?

    • FrankWeld says:

      Thanks! Yes I have. I actually tried it and it doesn’t work very well. The bike bobs a huge amount when pedaled and the forward axle path tends to slow the bike over bumps.

  14. Garry Jones says:

    Hello Frank, Lester Dunklee in Brattleboro suggested I call you. I am trying to find some aluminum hemispheres I need 2 @ 2″ OD and 2 @ 2 1/4″ OD both 1/8″ wall. Can you help? If you don’t have access to these is there someone you could recommend? Once I have the hemispheres, I will need some TIG welding done, welding the aforesaid hemispheres to tube, and a few other bits. I am assuming you can weld aluminum, what with the bikes an’ all?

  15. Alastair Crosswaite says:

    Hi Frank

    Wonderful to discover you are still making frames. I bought a FRO # 809 with the FTW stem. What a bike.
    I recall buying your bar ends with the advice to use ‘coke can’ shims to secure the fit 🙂 you always replied to my questions by letter despite finding my writing difficult to decipher !
    We’ll the FRO now resides with a Swiss collector and I now use a 2009 575. Amazing bike but nothing like the revelation the FRO was in 1990
    Happy trails

  16. Charles Elioseff says:

    Do you install S&S couplers?

  17. Kyle says:

    Hey Frank,

    Do you have a direct email I could have in order to enquire about you building a custom bike for me? I quickly gazed through your website, but could not find your contact information. Great work on what I saw by the way!

    Hope to hear from you soon –


  18. FrankWeld says:

    Hi, Ya, he seems to have slipped under the radar. I do have some Spooky stickers. Ill send an email from the shop later today

  19. Benjamin says:

    Dear Frank,

    I am in Germany, and have a Team Fat Chance Yo Eddy, only problem, no fork. It used to have a suspension fork, but that has conked out. There arent any good 1″ forks on the maket anymore, and i am wondering if you would be able to make me on like the original BOI fork, and perhaps give me an indication on the price if it were possible.

    Thank You, and best wishes from Germany


  20. Tony Neto says:

    Hi Frank:
    I am sending a follow up e-mail to this post of pics of a FTW bike I purchased many years ago and now am looking to sell. I was wondering if you would look at the pics and provide me some year/specs on this deity model.

    Thanks for your help!


  21. Tiffany Menicheschi says:

    Hi Frank,
    I bet you don’t remember me. My brothers are Carl and Preston. Ring any bells? Carl told me what you’ve been up to all these years and I’m so excited to check out your web site! I currently ride a Stumpjumper but perhaps I need to upgrade 🙂

    Keep on making magic!

    • FrankWeld says:

      Wow, talk about a blast from the past! It’s funny I was just looking at old photos a few days ago and I was showing my son photos of the group, including Preston! I do remember you! It’s good to hear from you and I am glad to hear you are into cycling and found our site. Ill send you an email and we can chat!

      Thanks, Frank

  22. Rob Owen says:

    Frank , I currently posses a bicycle frame that I believe used to belong to you. It’s a Carlton Corsair . I purchased it from Sam of Baltimore. It has “Franklin” scratched in the Top Tube.

  23. Dave Armstrong says:

    Hi there! I have a beautiful Trek 1400 bonded aluminum road bike that I still like. A lot. Just wondering, would you spread the stays to 130mm so I could use a more modern hub, or would that be a bad idea. I currently switch between 3 different 7-speed cassettes depending on the ride, and that works fine, but I’d like to build new wheels for it and have them work for a new bike later on.

  24. Eli Shank says:


    I have a 2011 Bansee Legend DH frame (7005 al). There is a small crack starting behind the pivot at the top of the drive-side seat stay of the rear triangle. Have you fixed these sorts of things before? Is it cheap enough to be worthwhile? I am not the original owner so Banshee has offered very little in the way of crash replacement, they don’t even want to consider sending a new rear triangle, regardless of cost. I am happy to send pics, just wanted your opinion first. Hope you’re having a great summer and riding plenty.


  25. Robin Abeles says:

    Hey Frank, a friend of mine, a coworker, gave me your info and said you fix bikes. I have a Santa Cruz Blur Lt 2012 that I broke the weld on the iscg tabs that connect to a possible bash guard on the bottom bracket. I don’t think I hurt anything else and Santa Cruz won’t warranty it. Is that something you could look at and maybe fix?

    Let me know! thanks! Robin

  26. Mike Cafro says:

    Hey Frank, Is Underground bikes still in the works?

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