Magneto Road

One of my favorite frames to make. Hand built from my special mix of tubing based on the Columbus ZONA Nivacrome tube set.

Designed for daily use and training, the ZONA tubeset combined with Paragon machined parts provides a very durable and responsive road machine with the butter-smooth ride at a competitive weight and reasonable price

I built mine with Fulcrum wheels, Thompson parts and SRAM red controls.  I love the Conti four season 25C tires.

Here are a few photos and a link to my flickr page30 451

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  1. Matt Fox says:

    I recently saw a photo of one of your track frames that reminded me of the old-style GT SB1’s/Tiemeyer frames. Do you make a road version? I am a HUGE fan of tubing on road bikes…


    • FrankWeld says:

      Hi, The tubes we developed with Protube for the track frames are pretty robust to handle the power of the sprinters. There has been some conversation regarding a time trial version of the frame with a special lightweight tube set with the same profile. Help spread the word and perhaps we can get enough people together to make it happen!

  2. James Galloway says:

    How much for just one of these frame sets?

  3. ted wojcik says:

    Hi Frank,

    Some changes in Vt. I’m wishing the best to you all and if there is something I might help with, let me know.

    Ted Wojcik

  4. Shemsuddin Millard says:

    Hey Frank!

    Love the welds on your magneto frames. I have just become aware of you and your work. I am looking to buy a Vynil frame, it is a really sweet piece of kit.

    The welds on bikes take me back to my BMX days as a kid and early teen. I had a red FMF, Tange forks, Ashtabula one piece cranks, snake belly tires. It was pretty badass. I wasn’t that fast of a racer, but I was pretty smart. So, I did well enough for the faster ones to have to look over their shoulders if I was behind them. The welds in that bike, well they were BEAUTIFUL. I used to just stare at them.

    Would love to talk to you about ordering a steel frame from you. I just love bikes. Handmade frames, in particular. The devotion from the maker makes my heart smile.


    • FrankWeld says:

      very cool name. Son of the faith. I have the same history but I was fortunate to get a job at the Mongoose factory in late 1979. I learned the special Mongoose “stitch” weld and was (and still am) very proud to be able to make those welds, my BMX racing? I won a couple of races but not many. I suggest you send an email to the shop to discuss your needs. You can find our email address in the header of our web page.
      Thanks, F

  5. Shemsuddin Millard says:

    I entered a lot of races, won a couple, too. But the faster riders, well, they were faster. I had a blast, though. I’ll be in touch!

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