Joe Friday Steel 29

Custom steel frame

Custom steel frame

Building a 29’r that has the features you want isn’t that difficult. You really don’t have to beat around the bush here because I speak your language. I can build you a frame, with the features you desire, utilizing a custom mix of tube profiles and diameters to meet your needs perfectly.

Other options include: Over sized head tube, ISCG flanges, sliding dropouts, shaped tubing, eccentric bottom bracket,

"Tacked" steel frame, just before final welding process.

“Tacked” steel frame, just before final welding process.

custom geometry and custom paint are just a few. We start by getting a drawing made up, based off of customer specification, then selecting the proper tubing needed. After material selection each tube is hand finished and cut/mitered in preparation for welding. Each frame is custom built to order.




7 Responses to Joe Friday Steel 29

  1. Dan Lewis says:

    Frank; What do I need to do to get a Joe Friday 29er?

    • FrankWeld says:

      Hi, just shoot me an email and we can talk! My email address can be found on the opening page in the header. Thanks!

  2. joe dovilla says:

    yo frank

  3. Bill says:

    What are the specks on a xl 29er and $.

    Thank you

    • FrankWeld says:

      Hi, I build the bike to whatever geometry and specifications you want or help you make decisions for your region. I pick a tube set that works for your riding and size/weight and put the metal where it needs to go. The parts are taken into consideration and then we want to make it look the way you want with tweeks (compact, braze-ons, etc.) or paint. I can also score new part at good prices or do something crazy you have always wanted with tube shaping.

      The average ‘Friday runs around $1400 for frame but the options are endless.

  4. Gary says:

    Do you make a Joe Friday 29+

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