“this and that” tsk, tsk.

“My oh my, did you hear what he said next?” “I heard it but I don’t believe it” is what I said back to her when I walked out the door. I did believe it and I understood it. I didn’t want anyone talking about me like that and I could feel the blood rush to my face. Why should we be judged by our wants in such a way?

I am sure it didn’t go down as described because the person telling the story wasn’t there. I wasn’t going to repeat what I was just told, that was for sure. It made me wonder how she knew someone business, you can tell when they add “this and that”.

Others had heard the same story. I was there and this is what he actually said.

“I love the look of the old Cannondale track bikes. I attached a photo. This is what I want but to accept modern geared drive train.”

I listened patiently as any friend would but immediately saw what the future may hold for such a combination. You can ignore the comments for only so long. “Cables” is the word that passes between their lips when they turn to speak. It’s hard to overlook. Track bikes don’t have cables hanging all over them. That is the attraction, meat and potatoes, nuts and bolts.. I had almost stopped listening to my friend completely when he said “inter… WHAT? …internal routing Man, are you listening?”
Ya, Ya, I am here bro, you want a track bike with gears and internal routing, continue please, I tried to play it off, you know, be chill.

“It should have all the features, smooth welds and fat round tubes” I got it. I was sympathetic at that point. I was rather inspired actually. I threw down a few ideas of my own and we went on from there.

Soon we got to a point where we were speaking in hushed tones. You know, in the world of bicycles people have certain expectations. “how do I think it will play?”

I say, “lets give them something to talk about”.

30 224

30 226

30 227

30 228

30 229

30 230

30 231

30 232

30 233

30 234

30 235

30 236

30 237

30 238

30 239

30 240

30 241

30 242

30 243

30 244

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2 Responses to “this and that” tsk, tsk.

  1. Skye says:

    Absolutely f-ing gorgeous! Craftsmanship top notch, They’ll be talking alright

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