Yeti reconstruction

‘rebuilding an old ARC. Curt is learning the finer points of removing welds. He says he enjoys detailed work. LOL. Blasting 5mm of weld off the surface of a 1.2mm tube isn’t easy. One slip and the paper-thin tube is gone. With aluminum you don’t even get sparks or a blue spot. We worked together and he stopped in plenty of time for me to do the final leveling. It came out perfect.

Thankfully while Curt and I were getting through this, Max stopped by and nailed the seatstays and BB shell, ready to weld. The kid knows his shit.

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One Response to Yeti reconstruction

  1. Miguel says:

    Hi Frank, good morning!
    is a pleasure to contact you. since the 90’s I am in love with the yeti bikes .. I love them.

    I am writing this message because I wonder if you can do a job
    among other bikes signature I have yeti FRO 95 accutrax fork.
    I wonder if it is possible to manufacture a c26 frame. I know it’s hard. but I have to ask. always dreamed of with this bike, but in those years it was impossible to get.
    those years ago, I have seen new fabrications, but there was no problem, the owner had easton carbon tubes.
    I have no tubes, but I wonder if there would be possibility of making a c26 frame.
    I hope not to bother and not be intrusive.
    not before I say goodbye without thanking him for his time and and I congratulate you on such good bikes made.
    Thanks Frank.

    Miguel carefully.

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