Two eggs and toast

I have been so darn busy the past few weeks that I end up not getting enough done. This makes little sense but here it is 5:45 in the AM and though everything is sorted and I am ready to leave the house but I feel like I am behind.

With all the rain we have had recently I have been stopping every hour or so and watching the clouds go by and it becomes clear to me that things keep moving regardless of the way I react to them. My perception of my “place” and if I am holding it, losing ground or progressing is simply my view and not much more. I made some cool bikes also.

We are looking to improve our sound system at the shop. If you have one of those crazy CD changers that holds a bunch of discs and would part with it, shoot me a note. We have good speakers but the tuner has no radio and the CD player skips (sometimes the building shakes but it’s a bit sensitive anyway)

I would like to thank you very much for the fine consumables you have been bringing/sending! Fine imported coffee from cafe Sanchez de Costa Rica, craft brewed beer (malty stout thanks) and the best fresh veggies mother earth can grow. Even early strawberries are tasty though not sweet yet. Yum.

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2 Responses to Two eggs and toast

  1. Hi Frank
    I’m Curt’s mom.Curtis tells me he loves working for you.I never see him because I live in upstate NY.Queensbury NY.
    I know Curt loves his bike ,happy to see him ride to work he needs to get healthy.
    Someday maybe I could afford 1 of you bikes.Please let Curt know I said hello.AND CALL ME.(Curtis)

    • FrankWeld says:

      Hi, thanks for checking in! Curt is a great guy and an asset to the crew! Curt has been riding nearly every day and no one can afford to eat much on what I pay.( just kidding)

      I will remind curt to call also..


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